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Having the right auto insurance policy will help get you back on the road swiftly if your car is ever damaged in an accident. Parks Insurance Group is an auto insurance agency in Charlotte, NC that connects clients to comprehensive insurance and affordable quotes. Anything could happen — theft, vandalism, fire or other natural disaster — so, make your policy covers it or get started with an auto insurance quote today. Our insurance agents can walk you through what different policies offer, including legal and medical expenses resulting from loss of life, injury or property damage after a car accident. We can present you with the best options and help you compare auto insurance quotes.

Since you can’t go without at least basic car insurance, you might as well invest in the right one. Auto insurance can prevent financial calamities in the event of a car accident. Avoid being left to pay for damages out-of-pocket or being left without a car to get around. We work with top insurance companies that carry the most well-rounded policies in the industry at a good rate.

How Much Auto Insurance is Right for You?

The team of agents work closely with leading auto insurance companies and have a good grasp of the policy requirements of our customers in the Charlotte area. We will take the time to inform you about the basic coverage you will need as well as some of the other options you have available to you. According to which state you live in, auto insurance requirements can vary to include any of the following:

  • Collision Auto Insurance
  • Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Insurance
  • Property Damage Car Insurance
  • Comprehensive Auto Insurance
  • Medical Payment/No-Fault Insurance
  • Bodily Injury, or Full Coverage Auto Insurance
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Rental Car Reimbursement

We are glad to help you find the best auto insurance quotes around and review the policies with you, so you can be up to Charlotte, NC coverage standards.

It’s important to have car insurance because it helps pay for any destruction caused to you or another motorist. Standard collision coverage takes effect after you pay the deductible, then the policy will pay up to your car’s fair market value. Comprehensive insurance covers destruction sustained by your vehicle through vandalism, theft or natural disasters like fire, hurricanes and floods. It also covers up to the fair market value of your car after the deductible. Although it isn’t legally mandated by any state, it is highly recommended if you have a financed car.

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Parks Insurance Group partners with premier auto insurance companies and we understand that everyone’s circumstances and budgets are different. Protect your family members from damages and possible liabilities by purchasing quality car insurance. You don’t necessarily have to pay more for what you need. Our agents are available for questions and to guide you in the right direction.

Let us connect you to an auto insurance policy and quote that works for your lifestyle. Contact our agents in our Charlotte, NC office at 704-548-0500 to get started today.

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