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Whether you’re newly engaged or collect fine watches, jewelry insurance is a smart move for anyone with an eye for the finer things. From gifts to treat-yourself pieces, make sure that your treasures are protected from loss or damage.

What Our Jewelry Policy Protects

Jewelry insurance from Parks Insurance Group
Parks Insurance Group jewelry insurance covers engagement and wedding rings, watches, earrings and even loose stones. Simply contact us online or over the phone, tell us what you want to be covered along with some basic information about yourself. From there you can apply for coverage and enjoy protection for your favorite jewelry. If something happens to your jewelry, file a claim and we’ll help you with repairs or replacements.

Jewelry insurance can protect any of the following:


Jewelry, especially smaller pieces like rings or earrings are easy to lose. Whether you took off your ring in a public bathroom or left an earring in a dressing room, don’t worry. If you can’t find an insured piece of jewelry, we’ve got you covered.


Jewelry is more than just gold, silver or gems, it’s memories and heirlooms. That’s why we cover you even when the worst happens. If your home is broken into or a piece of your jewelry has been stolen, we can cover that as well.


We know that accidents happen. But with Parks Insurance Group, that ding or chip in your favorite piece isn’t an issue. We can help get your watch, ring or earring fixed from any of our certified repair shops in no time.


That moment when your stomach drops as your engagement ring falls down the drain is like no other. Thankfully, Parks Insurance group covers disappearances for all types of jewelry, so you can get a replacement quickly.

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Keep your heirlooms and new treasures covered with jewelry insurance from Parks Insurance Group. No matter what happens, you should be able to wear your favorite items without worrying about loss, damage or theft. Call us today at 704-548-0500 or contact us online today!

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