Umbrella Insurance

You might think that you’ve got the right insurance coverage until the unexpected happens. If you get hit with an unforeseen lawsuit or you cause damage to another’s property, that’s where umbrella insurance kicks in. Umbrella insurance extends beyond your homeowners, auto or boat insurance policies to offer additional coverage in some cases.

Umbrella insurance can also offer coverage for claims that aren’t typically included in other liability policies. This might include libel, slander, false arrest, etc. While you might not think you need umbrella insurance, don’t take the risk. Contact Parks Insurance Group today.

Bodily Injury

Bodily injury liability includes medical bills and liability claims resulting from the following:

  • Injuries resulting from a car accident
  • Bodily injuries caused by your dog
  • Injuries sustained by a guest while on your property

Landlord Liability

Every landlord knows that personal injuries can happen on their property. That’s where landlord liability comes in. This could cover:

  • Any bodily injuries that occur on your rental property
  • Your tenant’s dog injuring someone and you’re held responsible

Property Damage

We all make mistakes. In the case that you cause damage to another’s property, this can have you covered. This could include:

  • Damages to vehicles or other property resulting from a car accident
  • Damages to property caused by you or another in your care
  • Accidental damages to school property caused by your children

Other Coverage

Umbrella insurance can also cover:

  • Slander
  • Malicious prosecution
  • Libel
  • Mental anguish
  • False arrest, detention or imprisonment

Are You Fully Protected?

With Parks Insurance Group in your corner, you know that we’ll take care of you. Our experts will find the right umbrella insurance coverage for you. Call Parks Insurance Group today for a free quote.

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